IIIT Hyderabad,a 25 Years Old student And Is Recognised Globally As The Nation’s Top Institute For AI Research

On 2 September 1998, at the premises of what was once the office of the district collectorate, in Hyderabad, the inaugural batch of students of India’s first Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), began their studies.

The chief minister of what was then Andhra Pradesh, was N Chandrababu Naidu who a year earlier had famously journeyed to Microsoft’s US headquarters in Redmond, Washington state, cornered Bill Gates to show him a short presentation and convinced him to set up the software giant’s first India Development Centre in Hyderabad.

So, the state government’s support was assured: state IT secretary Ajay Sawhney, was designated Special Officer for IIIT….

So IIIT Hyderabad is best options for jee students …

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Artificial intelligence research
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