After getting a Vaccine, Photo of the Certificate found on Social Media may have to be Expensive, know why?

Photo of the Certificate found on Social Media may have to be Expensive

Mumbai: In today’s Corona era, the dose of vaccine is not less than Sanjeevani and everyone is required to take the vaccine dose. After applying the vaccine, a certificate is given, so that if needed, you can show it that you have been dosed by the vaccine. However, many people have a habit of sharing their personal information on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or other sites and take advantage of this by Cyber ​​Criminals.

SP of Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell, Sanjay Shintre told that it is dangerous to put your details in this way. Shintre said that after getting the vaccine dose, the certificate that is received, you have your personal information on it. You can sell this information on cyber criminal dark net or you can sell it to someone else by editing in it.

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Using this certificate, you can travel from one place to another, travel internationally. There are many companies that invite people to the job only when you have a certificate to be vaccinated. In such a situation, these cyber criminals can edit your information and sell it to such people.

Apart from this, we had a crime register a few days ago, in which the accused used the name of Cipla company to sell drugs and cheated people. During investigation, we came to know that these accused were using 40 fake bank accounts and 40 fake SIM cards to contact people to get money by cheating.

Shintre said that by using the information on your certificate, cyber criminal can also create fake documents, using which they can open a bank account and buy a SIM card.

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The cyber police has also issued advisory to alert people on this subject. Ankur Puranik Cyber ​​Expert said that the vaccine certificate may be misused. Puranik said that after getting the first dose many times a certificate is given, on which it is told about when the second dose will be received. If this certificate was received by Cyber ​​Fraud, then he can call you and the date has been changed or you will have to change it like you can even try to cheat you by talking.

If you have so much desire to post, then you should blur and post it so that no one can read its details and if they cannot read it then it will not be misused as well.

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