Big news about Amphotericin B necessary in the treatment of Black Fungus, hospitals will have to do this work

Black Fungus in Covid patients

New Delhi: Like the rest of the country, now the demand of Amphotericin B injection used in its treatment suddenly increased as the patients of Black Fungus Cases Delhi, Mucormycosis, increased. Has been. Due to this, there has been a shortage in the market and family members of patients are having to wander from rate to rate. In such a situation, the Delhi Government has taken an important decision.

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Government’s big decision
To deal with the menace of Black Fungus amidst the second wave of Coronavirus Second Wave, the Delhi Government (Delhi Sarkar), a 3-member Technical Committee to deal with the blackness and shortage of essential medicines and injections Committee). Which will ensure the availability of essential medicines by keeping an eye on the treatment of the patients suffering from this disease.

Hospitals will have to apply
After the decision of the government, now any hospital in Delhi will have to apply to this three-member committee to get the amphotericin B (Amphotericin B) injection required for black fungus treatment.

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What is mucormycosis?
Mucor mycosis is also known as black fungus infection. This disease is emerging most among the post-Kovid-19 patients. This fungal infection starts in the nose, then in the mouth, then reaches the eyes and then goes to the brain. There is no need to panic, treatment is also possible by identifying the symptoms at the right time.

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