Covid 19 update: Supreme Court Takes Many Steps to Stop the Spread of Corona, RTPCR test will have to be done Before Entering

Supreme Court Takes Many Steps to Stop the Spread of Corona

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has taken some drastic measures to deal with Corona and prevent its spread. Now those who enter the Supreme Court, the staff of the court staff or lawyers or lawyers or the staff of the combination agency show signs of the corona, then they will have to undergo an RTPCR test.

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The Supreme Court has also said in the new circular issued for the prevention of corona, that people who have a cold, fever, body pain, diarrhea, or a feeling of taste and smell, people with these symptoms should not come to the Supreme Court and immediately return home to themselves Isolate in it and seek the advice of a doctor. It also includes court staff.

Supreme Court issued instructions for staff and court attendants with symptoms of corona

It may be known that in the past, 44 Supreme Court employees were found to be corona infected, after which the Supreme Court has become completely virtual. The court is hearing only through video conferencing and any kind of physical mentoring (physical presence) etc. has been stopped. Not only this, instead of coming to court, judges are also hearing the cases through video conferencing from home.

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