Covid Vaccine Pricing: Corona Vaccine Prices Will Not Decrease, Serum Justifies Increased Price, Know What is New Rate


The Serum Institute of India on Saturday defended the increased prices of Covishield Covid Vaccine of Covid-19. Serum has stated its stand saying that the earlier price was based on advance funding, but would have to be heavily invested to develop its ability to produce more doses. There should be investment in increasing the scaling of the vaccine after the epidemic increases and the virus is mutated. The serum insisted that a 1.5-fold increase in the initial rate of vaccine is justified. Let us know that Serum Institute of India is one of the biggest manufacturer of Kovid-19 vaccine in the country.

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Announced Covid vaccine Prices on april

Serum, the world’s largest vaccine maker, said that the price of the Kovid-19 vaccine ‘Kovishield’ would be Rs 400 per dose for state governments and Rs 600 per dose for private hospitals. The company also said that it would address the issue of limited capacity by increasing vaccine production in the next two months. The Serum Institute of India said in a statement that 50 per cent of our capacity would be for the Government of India vaccination program and the remaining 50 per cent would be for state governments and private hospitals. The company said that given the government’s instructions, the price of Kovishield will be Rs 400 per dose for state governments and Rs 600 per dose for private hospitals.

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Serum said- Our vaccine is cheaper than other companies of the world

The serum company said that given the price of the Covid vaccine globally, we are ensuring that our vaccine is cheaper than the vaccines of other companies in the world. Serum said the US vaccine is priced at Rs 1,500 per dose, while in Russia and China, the Covid vaccine is priced at over Rs 750 per dose. The company said that given the current situation, it is challenging to supply it independently to each corporate unit. We will urge all companies and private individuals to take the vaccine from the state machinery and private health system. ‘ The statement said that the vaccine would be more freely available after 4-5 months.

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