Delhi Extended Lockdown By Another Week To Check Covid Spread

Delhi Lockdown Extended By Another Week To Check Covid Spread

New Delhi: Lockdown has been extended in Delhi for another week, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said, pointing to the Covid numbers which while on the decline, is yet to reach below 5 percent positivity rate.

“We have been witnessing good recovery following the lockdown. Coronavirus cases have been on a decline,”Mr KEjriwal told reporters today. “We don’t want to lose the gain that we have made in the last few days. We are extending the lockdown for one more week. Instead of tomorrow, lockdown is extended till next Monday, 5 am in Delhi,” he added.

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Delhi had recorded 8,506 coronavirus cases on Friday, the daily count dipping to below the 10,000-mark again after a month, with medical experts attributing the lockdown as the main factor behind the dip amid the second wave.

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