IMA: 270 doctors die so far due to the Second wave of Corona, Bihar becomes the most dead

New Delhi: So far 270 doctors have died due to infection of the second wave of the Corona epidemic across the country. According to the statistics of the Indian Physician Association (IMA), the maximum number of 78 doctors have died in Bihar. After this, 37 doctors died in Uttar Pradesh, 29 in Delhi, and 22 in Andhra Pradesh.

The list released by the IMA also includes the name of Dr. IK Aggarwal, former IMA President, who died on Monday of infection. In the first wave of the global epidemic, 748 doctors died of infection.

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“Second wave extremely deadly for all”
IMA President Dr JA Jayalal said, “Last year, 748 doctors died from Kovid in India and we have lost 270 doctors in such a short period of time in the current wave. The second wave of global pandemic may prove to be extremely fatal for all. Has been especially for the health workers, who are posted on the front. “

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According to data released by the IMA, the second wave of Kovid has 22 in Andhra Pradesh, 3 in Assam, 3 in Chhattisgarh, 28 in Delhi, 2 in Gujarat, 1 in Goa, 2 in Haryana, three in Jammu and Kashmir. , 8 in Karnataka, 2 in Kerala, 5 in Madhya Pradesh, 14 in Maharashtra, 10 in Odisha, 1 in Puducherry, 11 in Tamil Nadu, 19 in Telangana, 2 in Tripura, 2 in Uttarakhand, 14 doctors have died in West Bengal.

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