Salute to the courage of ‘Corona Warriors’, the river was crossed for vaccination like this, see Video

Jammu: To overcome the corona epidemic, the vaccination campaign is going on in full swing across the country. Health care workers are working hard to fulfill this goal.

Cross river by risking life
Such scenes have also come to the fore in many places in the country. Where health workers are seen risking their lives and going for vaccination. One such video has also come from Jammu and Kashmir. There health care workers are seen crossing the fast flowing river on foot and going for vaccination.

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5 people including 2 women seen in the video
According to the information, this sight was seen in Kandi area of ​​the Rajouri district. There, a target has been set to vaccinate 100 percent of the people, which every effort is being made to achieve. It is seen in the video that 5 health care workers, including two women, are going to the inaccessible areas on foot across the raging river for vaccination.

Vaccination effort in the whole area
Kandi’s Block Medical Officer Iqbal Malik said, ‘Today (Friday) vaccination campaign was carried out vigorously in the entire Kandi block. The target is to vaccinate 100 percent of the population, vaccination is being done even in remote and inaccessible areas.

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