Bansuri Story Summary

The movie Bansuri stars Madan (Ankan Malik), a little boy who lives with his mother and grandfather. He vows to become a flute player like his absent father Sadashiv (Anurag Kashyap). Due to which his mother describes him as a great musician.

Bansuri Movie Review in Hindi

Inspired by Augusto’s award-winning Tamil drama Vanvilin Anbu, Bansuri follows Madan, an eight-year-old boy, who is inspired by the piano skills of his friend David (Dipro Sen). Madan believes that David has an innate talent for music like his father, feels that he too should follow in his father’s footsteps. As Madan is on his way to find what talent in his family. His mother Sapna Mishra (Rituparna Sengupta) gives him a flute and explains to him that his father Sadashiv is a big musician in Dubai, who plays the same instrument. This is how he gets inspired and tries to excel like his old man. But, what if it’s all a lie? Will Madan remain excited about his passion for flute or will be disappointed after knowing the truth of the story.

Writer and director Hari Vishwanath’s first Hindi feature drama presents the story of a fractured family with utmost simplicity. The way this story progresses, it gets more complicated. Because it gives us a glimpse into the bond between two neighborhood friends (Madan and David) and their desire to be a musician like their father. But the latter focuses on Sadashiva and his flute learning lessons, so that he can continue to live the lie. The dream that he told his son. The story has enough elements to keep you engrossed but the pace of the script is steady which can become a tedious watch for some viewers. Overall, the story is apt for a theater setting but its transformation on the silver screen could have been much better to take it to another level.

On the acting front, Rituparna Sengupta surpassed every other cast in the film in her role as a mother who wants her son to do something in her life. And a wife who still longs for her husband to return as a dutiful daughter. Kanoon supports his father-in-law (Masood Akhtar) and his son Madan. Both the child actors- Ankan Malik and Dipro Sen deliver genuine performances, and there is an innocence in their artistry. Anurag Kashyap enters after the interval, but he only makes his presence felt. The rest of the cast has helped take the story forward.

In short, the heart of ‘Bansuri’ is at the right place. However, it fails to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Truth be told, even the honest performances could not inspire us to listen to the flute far and wide.

Bansuri Movie Trailer

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