Flight Movie Summary

Adityaraj Aviation’s millionaire Ranveer Malhotra (Mohit Chadha) is battling a massive public relations (PR) crisis and goes missing as business tycoon Himalaya prepares to take responsibility for Himalaya’s mistake. “Flight” is about an elaborate scam behind the cheap, low-quality planes a certain company is providing to industry insiders and also how greed outweighs human emotions.

Flight Movie Review in Hindi

Ranvir Malhotra in the movie Flight is gentle and a bit filmy, yet, in the beginning, you are mesmerized by his massive personality, as he flies in a private jet, drinks expensive liquor, and is a businessman dressed in an edgy suit . But after some time it becomes repetitive and annoying. He scoffs at everything going on at a time when just 70 people died in a plane crash that was part of a bigger hoax created by his own employees. No, it’s not funny and just comes across as insensitive and takes away from the seriousness of the plot.

The story of the movie Flight revolves around the hero who is fond of Bollywood movies. Shah Rukh’s childish appeal and Amitabh Bachchan’s deep-spoken voice resonate the most with him, leaving little or no room for the plot to move in a certain way. Give it direction, logic or credibility to move forward in any way.

Veteran actors Zakir Hussain as Khanna’s uncle and Pawan Malhotra as Balraj have tried their best to add a gray tint to the film and maintain the suspense. But with a powerful script in hand, it takes the story to a unique twist, or else the impressive cast fails to make it a suspense film. Mohit Chadha plays Mr Malhotra in the film and even though he has done quite well, Shah Rukh has a huge influence which one cannot miss or ignore.

The background score of any action-thriller film is crucial to plotting progress, but in this case Smriti Minocha’s music is too deep and dramatic to blend in with an already unfinished story. Admittedly, the aviation-manufacturing industry suffers from systematic misuse of money and power, but the way this story has been shaped, the way the makers executed it on screen, shall we say, called it a runaway affair. has gone. Shouldn’t have gone in the first place.

Flight Movie Trailer

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