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Fast and Furious 9

The story of the film Fast and Furious 9 begins in 1989, with Jack Toretto participating in a race with his sons Dominic and Jacob in his pit crew. Dom argues with rival racer Kenny Linder about his dirty tactics. As the race resumes, Linder’s car clips Jack’s bumper and rams the car into a wall and burns to ashes, killing him. After the accident, Dom was arrested after nearly thrashing Linder. While serving his sentence, he recalls that Jacob worked on his car on the day Jack died, and concludes that Jacob killed his father. Upon release, Dom confronts Jacob and challenges him to a race, forcing him to leave town when he is defeated.

In the present, two years after a confrontation against cyberterrorist Cipher, Dom raises his son Brian with his wife Letty Ortiz. After arriving with news of Roman Pearce, Tej Parker and Ramsey having captured Mr. Nobody’s cipher, his plane is later attacked by rogue agents and crashes in Montequinto, Central America. Realizing Jacob’s involvement, Dom agrees to help him. Searching the plane, they find part of a device called Ares, which can hack any computer-controlled weapon system. The team is then attacked by a private army led by Jacob, who steal the device. On their way home to their safe, the team meets Michael Stasi. Dom’s sister Mia comes to help, and Dom reluctantly allows her to join them. The team learns that Han Lew is engaged to Ares, and Letty and Mia head to Tokyo to investigate.

Meanwhile, Jacob meets his colleague Otto. After failing to impress Jacob, Cipher is held at his base, telling him that Ares’s other half is in Edinburgh. Dom meets Buddy, his father’s former mechanic, who took Jacob after his exile and learns that Jacob is in London. Letty and Mia find Han still alive with their ward Elle. Roman and Tej recruit Sean Boswell, Twinkie and Earl Who, who are working on a “rocket car”. In London, Dom meets Queenie Shaw, who replaces him with Jacob. Dom encounters Otto and Jacob, who ask Dom to leave. Otto arrests Dom, but Leysa, an old friend of Dom, saves him.

Tej, Roman and Ramsey join the Dome in Edinburgh, where Jacob steals another Ares device using an electromagnet. Tej and Roman look for a truck with an electromagnet; As they fight Otto’s men, Ramsey orders the truck to follow Otto. Dom stops Jacob, and the two fight across town. Before Otto can remove Jacob, Ramsey drives his car off the road and uses an electromagnet to capture Jacob.

Otto recruits the cipher. At the safe house, Han reveals that he was assigned to protect Elle and Ares, as Elle’s DNA is its final component. When one of Mr. Nobody’s agents, who later turns out to be Jacob, Deckard uses Shaw to fake Han’s death and protect Elle. Otto attacks the safe house and frees Jacob, who explains that Jack, wanting to escape his debt, instructs Jacob to tamper with his car so that he can deliberately throw the race. The plan failed due to Linder’s intervention. Jacob and Otto kidnap Ale and take another Ares device.

Otto launches a satellite into orbit, while Jacob has an active Ares. They begin uploading Ares to the satellite, moving across Tbilisi in an armored truck. Dom, Letty, Mia, Ramsey and Han chase to stop Upload. As Mia and Han try to break into the truck, Otto deceives Jacob, throwing him off the truck. Dom and Mia rescue Jacob, and he helps Dom get to the truck. Using the rocket car, Tej and Roman enter orbit and destroy the satellite, stopping the upload. Cipher, flying a jet from afar, drops a bomb on the truck, killing Otto in an attempt to kill Dom; Dom uses a ricocheting truck to destroy Cipher’s plane. Cipher runs away. Dom and Mia reconcile with Jacob, and Dom allows him to escape in his car. Tej and Roman reach the International Space Station and return safely to Earth.

The team celebrates their success with a barbecue at Dom’s home. Brian O’Connor gets into his car, preparing to say grace. In a mid-credits scene, Deckard is shocked when Han comes to his door.

Fast and Furious 9 Review

It would be easy to say that if you’ve seen the movie Fast and Furious, you’ve seen them all. Fast cars, exotic locations, absurd action sequences. But you may be forgetting a key element that keeps their engines running and the nitrous tank filling up – the family. They never forget their family. Fast and Furious film is one such film of Hollywood cinema in which if any member of his family is in trouble or he needs any kind of help, then he does not back down from helping.

Fast and Furious 9 Trailer in Hindi

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