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The Conjuring 3 Movie Story

The story of the film The Conjuring 3 begins in 1981 when demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the exorcism of 8-year-old David Glatzel, which includes his family, his sister Debbie, her boyfriend Arne Johnson, and Father Gordon in Brookfield, Connecticut. cooperated. During the exorcism, Arne challenges the demon to enter his body instead of David’s. Ed watches the demon move from David’s body to Arne’s body, while he suffers a heart attack, leading him to the hospital in an unconscious state.

The next month, as Ed recovers in the hospital, he tells Lorraine that he has seen the demon enter Arne’s body. She sends the police to Debbie and Arne’s apartment kennel. After feeling unwell and seeing supernatural scenes, Arne stabs his landowner Bruno Saul to death 22 times, as he was under the influence of demonic possession.

Backed by the Warrens, it became the first American murder trial to claim a demonic possession. As a result, an investigation into David’s original possession begins. The Warrens later discover a satanic curse passed through a witch’s totem and meet Kastner, a former priest. He tells them that an occult had intentionally abandoned the totem, resulting in the creation of a curse on the Glatzles and its effect on David.

Warren travels to Denver, Massachusetts to investigate the death of Katie Lincoln (who was stabbed 22 times). Detectives find a totem at the home of Katie’s girlfriend, Jessica, who is missing. Lorraine begins a vision to recreate the murder and discovers that Jessica (who was under the influence of demonic possession) stabs Katie to her death before jumping off a cliff. Which allows the spies to recover his body. Lorraine travels through a dark tunnel and the occultist attempts to kill Arne, but Lorraine stops him in time.

Warren returned to his home in Connecticut to investigate further. Ed briefly loses consciousness and is subsequently influenced by the occultist to kill Lorraine but is stopped by Drew in time. He later found the totem in his house, which was hidden inside a vase of black roses. Drew gives Ed a book of Stragherian witchcraft that he found and says that ‘to remove the curse, the altar in which the work of the occultists must be destroyed.’ working in this field. Lorraine returns to Kastner for help, and she reveals that she had raised a daughter named Isla, in violation of the requirement for clerical celibacy in the Catholic Church.

He tells Lorraine that during his research, he developed a fascination for witchcraft, later becoming a occultist. When the occultist arrives, Kustner gives Lorraine access to the tunnels where she locates the altar. The tantrik kills him. Ed soon arrives and finds his way into the tunnels through a closed drain hole with a sledgehammer. He is briefly possessed by the occultist and attempts to kill Lorraine, but she tells him about the time they first met, reminding him of her love.

Ed regains his consciousness and destroys the altar, saving himself, Lorraine and Arne. The tantrik arrives at his broken altar, only to be killed by the demon he had summoned after failing to fulfill the curse. Ed keeps the cup from the altar in his artifact room, as well as a Wallac painting and an Annabelle doll. Arne is convicted of murder, but is serving only five years of his sentence after marrying Debbie while in prison.

The Conjuring 3 Movie Review

A scary and horrifying movie. The story has been given a better direction in this. This film is much better than his last two films. All the characters of the film have given their best performance. You can enjoy this movie by going to the theatre. If you like horror and horror movies. Along with this, you will also get to see a glimpse of espionage in this film. I hope you enjoy reading the story of this film, and you will be very much looking forward to watching this movie.

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