Railways Freight Loading Saw 3.6% Jump in September

Railways Freight Loading Saw 3

Indian Railways’ freight loading witnessed a 3.6 per cent increase in September 2021 as it stood at 106 million tonnes against 102.3 million tonnes of the corresponding period last year.

Also Railways earned Rs 10,815 crores from freight loading in September 2021, which was 9 per cent more than the freight loading earning recorded during the corresponding period of last year, when it had stood at Rs 9,905 crore.

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Out of the 106 million tonnes of freight loading recorded in September 2021 by Indian Railways, coal consisted a major part of it as dry fuel comprised of 47 million tonnes of the total freight loading.

It was followed by iron ore (11 million tonnes), food grains (6.4 million tonnes), cement (6.1 million tonnes), fertilisers (4.1 million tonnes) and 3.6 million tonnes of mineral oils.

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