Gandhi Jayanti Special: 152nd Birth Anniversary Celebrated, Share Quotes

Gandhi Jayanti

Everyone is aware of the sacrifice and sacrifice of Mahatma Gandhi because he freed India from the slavery of the British without taking up arms. He believed that even the most difficult tasks can be easily accomplished by following the path of truth and non-violence. His wish was, ‘Whenever you encounter an adversary, conquer it with love’. Every year 2nd of October is celebrated as Non-violence Day or Gandhi Jayanti all over the world. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, 152 years ago in Porbandar, Gujarat, who later became famous worldwide as Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi had a special contribution in getting freedom from the British.

152nd Birth Anniversary

This is the most important thing related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi, by adopting this we can also convert our life into a journey of success. Gandhiji has faced obstacles continuously from regaining consciousness till the day of his death, but he never gave up. Bapu’s thoughts about truth and non-violence have always been guiding not only India but the whole world. From Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement, Dandi March, Salt Satyagraha to Britishers gave the slogan of Quit India. Debates and speech competitions are also organized in schools and colleges on the day of Gandhi Jayanti.

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Gandhi Jayanti Special

When Mahatma Gandhi had reached Laxmeshwar on the evening of 19 June 1929, he addressed a public meeting here. After this meeting of Bapu, the freedom movement of the country also gained momentum in the mountain, but this place remained like this till 70 years after independence. It was never planned to develop these places as tourist destinations.

Mahatma Gandhi also made a strategy to intensify the movement by holding a public meeting in Almora. Only after this, did the campaign to drive out the British from the country gain momentum from place to place, due to which the people here want the tourists coming to Uttarakhand from all over the world to remember these places as Gandhi-circuit. Municipal President Prakash Joshi said that when Mahatma Gandhi addressed a huge public meeting at Laxmeshwar in Almora, the movement had intensified throughout Kumaon. In the last few years, efforts have been made to improve the Gandhi public meeting place.

Local resident Trilochan said that the Gandhi public meeting place in Laxmeshwar should be brought on the tourism map so that the tourists coming here would be able to know the history of Gandhi as well as the freedom struggle. Along with this, better roads and other public facilities should also be developed to reach the public meeting place. Mahatma Gandhi has lived during his stay at many places including Tarikhet, Kausani, and Almora.

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Those priests were of true non-violence,

who never gave up,

Gave us freedom,

people who are grateful

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Who sacrificed everything for the country,

Who left the luxury for patriotism,

Wearing wooden slippers came a Mahatma,

Who has become the soul of this India,

Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

Khadi is my pride

Karma is my worship

true is my karma,

And Hindustan is my life.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

Blind in the eye, stick in hand,

Bapu walks with his chest tauntingly,

Gave us freedom without a raft

My Bapu is the saint of Sabarmati

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Just remember this in life,

Always keep truth and hard work with you,

Bapu is with you, every child is with you,

Wherever the truth is, it resides there.

Happy Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti.

For the country who rejected the luxury,

Abandoned foreign threads He himself had made Khadi,

The one who had narrated the raga of Satyagraha by wearing Kath’s slippers,

He was called Mahatma Gandhi.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Only one truth, one non-violence,

There are two whose weapons,

With those weapons

made Hindustan free,

Salute such an immortal soul together.

Gandhi you are, era-changer, era-founder

Greetings to you from ages to ages

Your name will always be Amr Bapu

You are the son of the sun, Bapu.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Bapu’s dreams have to be decorated again,

By giving a drop of blood, this chaman has to be saved.

We sang a lot of songs of freedom,

Now we also have to fulfill the duty of patriotism.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

You have a simple disguise,

never touched pride,

You wear dhoti of Khadi,

This is the pride of my father.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

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