IIT Students Success: 500 Drones can fly Simultaneously without operating

IIT Students Success, 500 Drones can fly Simultaneously without operating

The students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) Delhi have done a great job with new inventions in the field of drones. Students of IIT Delhi have developed a new software which will be attached with the drone. With the help of that software, the drone can be flown or sent anywhere. In this technology, no one will need to operate the drone.

According to the information, just the place and location will have to be fed in the drone. The students of IIT Delhi showed a lighting show through this. In this, for the first time more than a hundred drones were flown simultaneously. More than a hundred drones presented a different view through lighting in the air. The Ministry of Civil Aviation is also very happy with this new technology. Till now only three countries had this technology, America, China and Russia.

With this achievement of the students of IIT Delhi, India has now become the fourth country which can use this technology and can fly hundred or five hundred drones simultaneously through software. Civil Aviation Ministry official Amber Dubey says that it is a big thing for us that the new generation is now understanding the importance of drones. These were our shortcomings that till now we used to avoid taking new decisions regarding drones, but now the government has made big changes with new thinking.

It is being said that this new technology is expected to provide better options for drones in India in the future. Drones can also be manufactured in India. Significantly, the government aims to take the drone market to about 3000 crores by the year 2030.

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