Coal Stock Power Crisis: Few Days Stock in Many Power Plants, Know the Rules

Coal Stock Power Crisis, Few Days Stock in Many Power Plants, Know the Rules

Coal stock in India: There are a total of 135 coal-fired power plants in the country. All power plants have to keep coal reserves for at least 20 days. But in September-October, the stock of coal near all the power plants reduced to a few days. Last week, in many big cities of China, including Beijing and Shanghai, the power crisis had increased so much that only the lights of vehicles were shining on the streets. The life of common people in China was affected by this power crisis. China’s economy also suffered, because factories had to be closed due to lack of electricity. Production stopped and this happened because there was a shortage of coal near power plants in China. Now India is also moving towards a similar crisis. However, the government has denied this, while several state governments have claimed.

There are a total of 135 coal-fired power plants in the country. All power plants have to keep coal reserves for at least 20 days. But in September-October, the stock of coal near all power plants reduced to a few days. On October 3, 25 power plants had coal reserves of less than seven days. At least 64 power plants had less than four days of coal left over. On October 1, 2021, the Ministry of Power itself had said that 134 thermal power plants in the country have an average coal reserve of only four days, due to which the production of electricity has decreased.

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However, its side effects have started appearing in power plants as well. Electricity production has come down in many power plants of the country. The coal stock at Chandrapura Thermal Power Plant in Bokaro, Jharkhand is in super critical condition. There is only three days’ stock left here. Power generation has come down to half in almost all power plants, including the Sant Singaji Thermal Power Plant in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.

MP Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar said, “You see that out of 135 thermal power, 75 have five to ten days of coal left. The situation in the country is the same as in Madhya Pradesh, but in a better position. We have stocked approx 45000 MT. Somewhere there is coal for five days, somewhere for seven days, somewhere for three days.” At the same time, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said, “Officials are constantly monitoring that there is no shortage in supply. Efforts are being made as much as possible. Not only are non-BJP ruled states showing, but it is a nationwide truth.

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What did Energy Minister RK Singh say?

Energy Minister RK Singh rubbished the claim of reduction in coal. Accusing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of spreading confusion, he claimed that there is no power crisis and there is sufficient stock of coal. RK Singh said, “Yesterday evening the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi spoke to me about the letter written by the Chief Minister regarding the possible power crisis. I told him that our officers are monitoring the situation and this will not happen. I am telling you that there is no problem. The problem started because GAIL had asked to stop gas supply to Delhi Discom and that is because the agreement between GAIL and Delhi Discom is expiring. At the same time, Minister in Delhi government Satendra Jain said that the supply of coal is left for one day. If not for a month then there must be a stock of 15 days. If it does not come then it will be like black out. Apart from this, Manish Sisodia said that I am very sad that the Union Minister of the country is taking such a very irresponsible approach that at the time when many Chief Ministers are requesting to find a solution, they are saying that there is no crisis.

What are the rules on coal stocks?

The rule is that an average coal stock of twenty days should always be available as a backup in power plants and the truth is that only four days of coal is left, which the Energy Minister himself has admitted. Apart from this, many state governments have issued a danger alert regarding this.

On this matter, a villager Ramesh Upadhyay said that there was a good supply of electricity four-five days ago, but the cut has increased here. A week ago the power supply was good and got more than 16 hours of supply. But here the cut has increased more due to which a lot of problems are being faced in the sultry summer. At the same time, Krishna, an employee working at Bijli Power House, said that we have 18 hours of power supply on the feeder. But here we are able to give only 11-12 hours. There is a shortfall in the supply from above, because of that this is happening. It is being told that due to shortage of coal, there has been a shortfall in supply.

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Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra… these are the states whose governments have complained to the central government about the reduction in power generation due to shortage of coal. But even in the states which have not complained, the power cut is no less a big problem due to the shortage of coal. The biggest example is Uttar Pradesh itself. Shailendra Dubey, chairman of the Engineers Federation of Uttar Pradesh, said that the country’s electricity production has been affected due to the coal crisis.

Why was there only four days of coal left? Know the reason

The most important question is that when there is always a rule to have at least 20 days stock in power plants, then why only four days coal stock exists? The Ministry of Energy has enumerated four reasons for this, which we explain to you in detail – the first reason has been told that the demand for electricity in the country has increased. In August-September, 12 thousand 400 crore units were made. In the same two months of this year, coal consumption increased by 18 percent as compared to August-September 2019. At the same time, another reason has been given that due to excessive rainfall around the coal mines in September, the production of coal has been affected. India extracts 75 per cent of its coal from domestic mines. Due to water-logging in many coal mines of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, work remained closed for several days.

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The third reason has been given that due to the increase in the price of coal in the international market, there has been a decrease in the import of coal from abroad this year as compared to last year. For example, the price of coal in Indonesia was $ 60 a tonne in March, which increased to $ 200 a tonne in September. Compared to 2019, the production of electricity from imported coal has decreased by 43.6 percent and the fourth reason has been given that industrial activity has increased after the Corona period, due to which the demand for electricity has also increased. In August 2021, electricity consumption in the country has increased by 18 billion units as compared to August 2019. Citing these reasons, the Ministry of Power has described the shortage of coal as a problem for a few days, but now the common people are also feeling this problem.

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