Environmental Experts Expressed Concern over Rising Air Pollution in Delhi

Environmental experts expressed concern over rising air pollution in Delhi

Doctors and environmentalists have expressed concern over the ever-increasing air pollution in Delhi after Diwali. Environmentalist Vimlendu Jha said the situation was similar to a health emergency due to persistent air pollution. “Air pollution is a serious problem in North India,” he said. He advised that in such a situation schools near Delhi-NCR should be closed.

Environmentalists say measures like closure of schools and lockdown to control vehicular noise are needed. He said that construction should also be banned for a week. Vimlendu Jha said that the main reason for the increasing air pollution in Delhi is stubble burning. Due to this the air in the capital has become completely bad. Air pollution kills 1.5 million people every year.

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He said that according to a report, the life of people living in Delhi-NCR is reduced by 9.5 years due to pollution. According to the Lung Care Foundation, every third child suffers from asthma due to air pollution. A big sheet of fog is visible in the capital Delhi at this time. It also gets cold in the morning.

According to the IMD, the air quality has deteriorated due to stubble burning, he said, adding that 3941 seats in Punjab, 219 in Haryana and 208 in UP were burnt on Saturday. The deteriorating air in Delhi is being said to be the reason for the burning of crackers and straw burning on Diwali.

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