On Camera, Snatchers Drag Woman 150 Metres On Scooty In Delhi

The victim was reportedly dragged for around 150 metres.

New Delhi:

A video showing motorbike-borne criminals dragging a woman in an attempt to snatch her mobile phone in Delhi has gone viral. 

Two men on a scooter can be seen crossing over to the wrong side of the road while the man sitting in the pillion seat is holding a person and dragging them along before letting go in the middle of the road. 

Onlookers then rush to the victim while the traffic comes to a stop. 

The incident happened on Thursday evening in the Shalimar Bagh area of the national capital. 

The victim was reportedly dragged for around 150 meters. She works at Fortis hospital in Shalimar Bagh and is also being treated there. The police are investigating the matter.

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