Remove 36 Posts On Tripura Violence, Orders Maharashtra Cyber Agency

Remove 36 Posts On Tripura Violence, Orders Maharashtra Cyber Agency

An official said the agency is monitoring social media to avoid untoward incidents. (Representational)


Maharashtra Cyber, a nodal agency for cyber security and investigation for the state, has asked different social media platforms to delete at least 36 “offensive” posts found circulating in the wake of alleged communal incidents in Tripura, an official said today.

Last week, various places in Amravati, Nanded, Malegaon (Nashik), Washim and Yavatmal in Maharashtra had witnessed stone-pelting during rallies taken out by some organisations protesting the violence in Tripura.

“Maharashtra Cyber was constantly monitoring the social media platforms to avoid untoward incidents after the violence in Amravati, Nashik rural, Nanded, Yavatmal and Washim. The cyber wing has identified at least 36 offensive posts on social media platforms, most of them on Twitter,” the official said.

At least 25 such objectionable posts were found on Twitter, six on Facebook and five on Instagram, the official said. They were found posted on the platforms between November 12 and 15, he said.

“In those posts, the users had spread misinformation, which could have posed problems in terms of the law and order situation,” the official said, adding that in some posts, videos and photos of violence were shared, which could hurt the sentiments of some community.

“Taking cognizance of those posts, Maharashtra Cyber sent letters to the social media platforms concerned, asking them to delete the posts. Accordingly, some posts have been deleted, while others will be removed soon,” he said.

On November 12, stone-pelting was witnessed in Amravati, Malegaon and some other cities in Maharashtra during rallies taken out by Muslim organisations protesting against the violence in Tripura.

On November 13, a mob threw stones at shops in Amravati’s Rajkamal Chowk area during a bandh called by the BJP, prompting the police to impose curfew.

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