Elon Musk Says: Twitter Very Slow In India

Elon Musk

New York: Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has said that Twitter is “very slow” in India and several other countries.

“Twitter is very slow in India, Indonesia, and many other countries. It’s a fact, not a “claim”. 10 to 15 seconds to refresh homepage tweets is common. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all, especially The only question on Android phones is bandwidth/latency/how much delay is being caused by the app,” tweeted Musk, Twitter’s new boss.

In another tweet, he said he “apologies for Twitter being super slow in many countries. The app is doing >1000 bad batched RPCs to render home timeline! I got ~1200 RPCs by multiple engineers on Twitter”. What was independently told matches #Microservices. The former employee is wrong,” he said.

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In another tweet, he said, “Refreshing the same app in the US takes ~2 seconds (too long), but ~20 seconds in India, due to bad batching/verbose com. Less useful data actually transferred.” Is.

According to the server control team, there are ~1200 “microservices” server side, of which ~40 are critical to how Twitter works.

Reducing that 1200 number, reducing data usage, serializing trips, and simplifying the app are essential to improving the speed of use.

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