CBSE 12th Geography Board Exam 2021-22 (Term 1): Map Work From Latest Syllabus!

Check map work in CBSE Class 12 Geography. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the 12th Geography (Term 1) board exam 2021-22 on 9th December (as per the CBSE date sheet). This is one of the most important subjects of CBSE Class 12 and questions based on the maps are frequently asked in the CBSE Class 12 Geography board exam and will also be asked in the CBSE 12th Geography Term 1 board exam 2021-22. Students are advised to check the map work mentioned in CBSE Class 12 Geography Syllabus 2021-22 for the preparation of the exam.

CBSE 12th Geography Board Exam 2021-22 (Term 1): Map Work From Syllabus

CBSE Class 12th – Textbook I (NCERT)

Map Items for identification only on outline political map of the World.

Unit-1 Ch.-1


Unit-2 Ch. 2 and 4

1 The largest country in each continent in terms of area

Unit-3 Ch. 5 to 8

1 Areas of subsistence gathering

2 Major areas of nomadic herding of the world

3 Major areas of commercial livestock rearing

4 Major areas of extensive commercial grain farming

5 Major areas of mixed farming of the World

6 Major areas of Mediterranean agriculture of the World

Secondary Activities

1 Ruhr region, Silicon Valley, Appalachian region, Great lakes region

Unit – 4 Ch. 8

2 Transcontinental Railways: Terminal Stations of

transcontinental railways – Trans Siberian, Trans

Canadian, Tran Australian Railways


3 Major Sea Ports:

Europe: North Cape, London, Hamburg

North America: Vancouver, San Francisco, New


South America: Rio De Janeiro, Colon, Valparaiso

Africa: Suez, Durban and Cape Town

Asia: Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Aden,

Karachi, Kolkata

Australia: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne


4. Inland Waterways: Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Rhine

waterway and St. Lawrence Seaway


5. Major Airports:

Asia: Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Jedda, Aden

Africa: Johannesburg & Nairobi

Europe: Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome

North America: Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico City

South America: Buenos Aires, Santiago

Australia: Darwin and Wellington

CBSE Class 12th – Textbook II (NCERT)

Map Items for locating and labeling only on the outline political map of India

Units – 1 & 2

Ch. 1 to 4

• State with highest level of urbanization and lowest level of urbanization

• State with higher level of population density & one state with lowest level of population density

• One out migrating state

• One in migrating state

• Any city with more than 10 million pop

Unit – 3

Ch. 6 to 9


● Iron-ore mines: Mayurbhanj, Bailadila, Ratnagiri, Bellary

● Manganese mines: Balaghat, Shimoga

● Copper mines: Hazaribagh, Singhbhum, Khetri

● Bauxite mines: Katni, Bilaspur and Koraput

● Coal mines: Jharia, Bokaro, Raniganj, Neyveli

● Oil Refineries: Mathura, Jamnagar, Baroni Industries

Unit – 9

Ch. 10


(i) Important nodes on north south corridor, east west corridor &

Golden Quadrilateral

Unit-10 Ch.12


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