CBSE 12th History Sample Paper 2021-22 (Term 1) Out With Answers & CBSE Marking Scheme

Check CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22 for Class 12 History & CBSE Marking Scheme 2021-22. It is important for preparation of CBSE Class 12 History board exam 2021-22. Link to download CBSE Class 12 History Sample Paper 2021-22 is given at the end of this article.

CBSE Class 12 History Sample Paper 2021-22 (Term 1):



1. The paper has been divided into four sections – A, B, C and D.

2. Section A contains 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.

3. Section B contains 22 Questions. Attempt any 18 questions.

4. Section C contains two Case based Questions with 12 questions Attempt any 10 questions.

5. Section D contains Questions 59 & 60 which are Map Based Questions. Both the questions have to be attempted

6. All questions carry equal marks.

7. There will be no negative marking.



1. Who among the following was the author of book ‘The Story of Indian Archaeology’?

A. R E M Wheeler

B. John Marshall

C. S.N.Roy

D. Rakhal Das Bannerjee

2. Who among the following was the first Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)?

A. Alexender Cunningham

B. Harold Hargreaves

C. Daya Ram Sahni.

D. John Marshall

3. Which one among the following religious practices was seemed to be unfamiliar and unusual with the Harrapan culture?

A. Mother Goddess

B. Priest King

C. Yogic posture seal

D. Sanskritic Yajnas

4. Which of the following is the oldest stupa in India and was commissioned by the Mauryan King Ashoka?

A. Shanti Stupa

B. Amaravati Stupa

C. Sanchi Stupa

D. Nagarjuna Konda Stupa

5. Which one of the following aspects describes the meaning of ‘Tirthankaras’ in Jainism?

A. Supreme Being who is the incarnation of God

B. Those who guide men and women across the river of existence.

C. Those who follow the path of Vedanta asceticism

D. Those who know the ultimate truth and dharma

6. Which of the following empire issued gold coins for the very first time in first century CE?

A. Gupta Empire

B. Maurya Empire

C. Kushana Empire

D. Yaudheya Empire

7. Which of the following city of the Harappan Civilization was exclusively devoted to craft production of Shell objects?

A. Kotdiji

B. Kalibangan

C. Manda

D. Chanhudaro

8. Who among the following was the composer of ‘Prayaga Prashasti’?

A. Kalidasa

B. Kalhana

C. Harisena

D. Banabhatta

9. In the domestic architecture of Harappa there were no windows in the walls along the ground level. Identify the possible cause mentioned by the archaeologists from the following options.

A. It was a custom.

B. To maintain privacy.

C. No concern of ventilation.

D. Part of unplanned process.

10. The composition of the Mahabharata has been traditionally attributed to a Rishi. Identify his name from the following options.

A. Rishi Kanada

B. Rishi Kapila

C. Rishi Agastya

D. Rishi Vyasa

11. Who among the following travelled in Vijayanagar Empire in the fifteenth century and was greatly impressed by the fortification of the empire?

A. Duarte Barbosa

B. Abdur Razzak

C. Colin Mackenzie

D. Domingo Paes

12. Who among the following was the first woman to be ordained as a bhikkhuni?

A. Mahapajapati Gotami

B. Yasodharā

C. Mahamaya

D. Dhammananda

13. Which of the following statement is correct regarding Mahnavami Dibba?

A. Mahnavami Dibba was part of ‘The King’s Palace Complex’.

B. Mahnavami Dibba was a part of Sacred Centre.

C. Mahnavami Dibba was a ‘Counselling Hall’

D. Mahnavami Dibba was a “Discussion Hall’

14. Krishnadev Raya belonged to which of the following dynasties?

A. Sangama

B. Tuluva

C. Aravidu

D. Suluva

15. ‘The mid-first millennium BCE is often regarded as a turning point in world history’. Which of the following is a significant aspect related to the statement?

A. Thinkers of the world tried to understand mysteries of existence

B. Development and expansion of the usage of coins

C. Emergence of early state in the form of Mahajan padas

D. Ganas and Sanghas were assisted by standing armies

16. Who among the following Gurus of Sikhs compiled Shree Guru Adi Granth Sahib?

A. Guru Teg Bahadur

B. Guru Arjan Dev

C. Guru Nanak Dev

D. Guru Gobind Singh

17. Why is the Harappan script called enigmatic? Choose the correct reason from the following options :

A. It resembles the Hieroglyphic script of Egypt.

B. It had too many symbols, between 600 and 1000 in number.

C. It was written from left to right.

D. Its script remains undeciphered till date

18. Who among the following was the best-known ruler of the Satavahana dynasty?

A. Yagnasri Satakarni

B. Simuka Satakarni

C. Gotami-puta Siri-Satakarni

D. Vashisthaputra Satakarni




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