Left studies to become a startup, 10 minute idea became a hit, created a company worth ₹7300 crore as:

It is said that dreaming is very important for success. Those people in the world who dream big and put in their whole life to fulfill them, they always get success. In the age when youth spend their days traveling and having fun, two boys have created a company worth crores. These two childhood friends started their own company during that period. Not only started it, but also made that company a unicorn within two years….

It was started by Kaivalya Vohra and his friend Aadit Palicha. Online grocery delivery startup Zepto has become the first unicorn startup of the year 2023. Unicorn means a startup or company whose valuation has crossed Rs 100 crore or one billion dollars. In just two years, Zepto has become a unicorn company. The valuation of Zepto has reached 140 crore dollars i.e. about Rs 11500 crore. Two friends are the brains behind this multi-crore company.
In April 2021, Adit and his friend Kaivalya Vohra founded Zepto, a web platform for grocery delivery. After just one month of operation, the valuation of this startup reached $200 million. He founded Zepto to deliver groceries in 10 minutes during the Corona crisis and his idea became a big hit. The company delivered 10 lakh orders in the year 2021. She is working with 86 grocery businesses.

Zepto is headquartered in Mumbai. Zepto is currently operating in 10 of the largest cities in India. This company is providing employment to about one thousand people. On its platform, the company offers 3,000 different products including fruits, vegetables and other items

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