Adelaide Strikers 60/2 * v Melbourne Renegades

length ball, nips back into him on off, pushed to cover

fuller outside off, steered towards short third man

length ball outside off, on the front foot to punch, slightly early into the shot and it pops up a bit but lands well short of cover

fuller, drifting on leg, flicked through midwicket

fuller on off, pushed for a single

tossed up on off, stays beside the ball and drives to cover

tossed up outside off, given a bit of room, gets down low and slashes it hard, but straight to backward point

good length floated on off, he comes on the front foot and uses wrists to work through midwicket

tossed up into him, clipped off his toes through midwicket

good length, wrong un again, pitched outside leg and spinning across, he’s looking to sweep, it’s not the right length for it, and he can’t connect. Loud appeal when it hits pad but that pitched outside leg.

goes too full and drifts down leg, lap-swept around the corner. Pattinson sprints after it and pulls it in before the boundary, so they get only three.

good length on off, spinning into him, punched from the crease to the bowler’s right. Once it’s past the bowler they take the quick single

slashes it straight to point. Another wrong un but this was bowled on off and spinning away, slightly short too. The length made Short go for it I think, with an attempted slash, but he gets it off the top edge for a tame catch to the fielder. Zahir strikes again, ends a promising innings that was looking very dangerous.

flatter on the stumps, makes room and punch-drives to long-off

good length spinning into him, punched from close to his body to cover

outside edge goes for four. Length ball going across him, goes to drive without moving feet, thick edge flies through the empty slip cordon

pushed to mid-off for a quick single. Throw comes in and I think hits his bat at the non-striker’s end and he drops it. Well in.

slides too far down legside and he’ll have to re-bowl that

fuller and going across him, driven to wide mid-off

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