Australia 2 * v England

gets this outside off, back of a length, left alone

full at the pads, clipped firmly to midwicket

full at off stump, 139kph, makes him play and it’s defended into point

full outside off, nips away off the seam and it’s wide enough to leave

very full at the stumps, dug out back to the bowler

well bowled! Almost gets through. Good length, angled in at off stump, takes an inside edge and nearly into the stumps

wide outside off, Warner chases it with a square cut and doesn’t make contact

round the wicket, wide outside off, comfortably left alone

good length outside off, 127kph, left alone

full at the stumps, defended to mid-on

full at middle and leg, neatly clipped through square leg to get things up and running

good length at off stump, defended back to the bowler

another good one! In the channel outside off, Khawaja has a fiddle at it and is beaten by quite some distance in the end

over the wicket, zips past the edge and there’s a noise but it’s clipped the back leg. Lovely delivery to start with. Khawaja squared up

full at off stump, gets squared up a touch, slides off the face towards point. A maiden to start

back of a length outside off, hint of seam movement, left alone and that barely carries to Billings

pushed up fuller outside off, Warner gets forward and it squeezes off a thick inside edge to the leg side

full outside off, 129kph, left alone

full, angling into the pads, defended to mid-on

padded up first ball, Broad tumbles over and slides down the pitch! A strangled appeal for lbw by those who stayed on their feet! Marginally ridiculous start. Too high for lbw

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