Australia 3 * v England

Broad loves it! The first wicket goes down! A thump on the pads, shape back into the front pad.. Harris reviews, but he’ll need some inside-edge to save him, you sense… no bat involved, he’s not really forward … wow, it’s missing leg! The bounce saves Harris!

yanks the hands out of the way, attacking line from round the wicket again

bending away from the left-hander, another maiden totted up

blocked with a firm call of “no run!”, into the off side

lift past the splice again as Warner pulls his bat out of the line

outstanding angles! Dipping on middle and off, climbing off the seam, swinging further as it does so, beating the edge

drags his hands out of harm’s way, no stroke offered once more to the outswinger

shaping across Warner’s bows, Anderson in no rush to unfurl his inswinger

fuller length, punched from under the eyeline, mid-on gathers. Another tight over from Broad. England giving nothing away in a lively first 15 minutes

outside off, through to the keeper, watchful leave with the hands cocked and knees bent

lifts the hands high and lets the ball pass. This is a lively opening gambit

huge appeal from Broad! Looked like a pre-meditated shuffle forward from Harris, and maybe an inside-edge before being struck on the knee-roll, close to being outside the line too

more shape into the legs, very full length once more, flicks off the hip to the leg side

nip off the seam and this time it’s Harris who gets thumped on the thigh-pad. No appeal as this one is missing leg. But good energy through the crease

clipped urgently off the toes as Anderson strays onto leg stump, and Australia have their first runs on the board

Harris slides onto the back foot, defending with soft hands on off stump as Anderson curls into his bat

probing away, outside off, curling through the air and no stroke offered

lift off the seam again, bending around off stump as Harris lines it up and lets it go

fractionally wider, more shape away from the left-hander, no stroke offered

perfect line from Anderson, ghosting across Harris’s eyeline and climbing past the edge. Close!

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