Colombo Stars 53/1 * v Kandy Warriors

Back of a length outside off, angling away and Kusal drives this on the up. Beats short extra cover, but not the wide mid-off.

Another close call for Dhananjaya but he gets just enough on this! He comes down the track and clips this over mid-on, and it barely beats the man but skips away off the surface.

Goes for the big heave over long-on, and misses this one that’s flighted outside off.

Tossed up outside off and driven hard to long off.

Appeal here, it’s going with the arm and beats the batter’s forward defence as it strikes the pad. But not reviewed as everyone aside from the bowler thinks it’s going down leg.

This is fizzed through and Dhananjaya goes for the drive but gets a thick inside edge down to fine leg.

Length ball outside off and cut in front of square.

Oh dear, Shiraz is having a mare here. Full and very wide outside off, Kusal has to reach for this but there’s no third man so all he needs is contact, which he gets. Flies over the infield.

Full this time and Kusal goes for a his signature drive over long-on but gets and inside edge on to his pads.

And again, and it’s even bigger this time! Similar delivery, pace-on again and this smacked over midwicket.

Walloped! Short and quick, but Kusal is ready for it. He pulls this disdainfully through the midwicket region.

Short and quick this time and Dhananjaya pulls this in front of square.

drags this down leg.

Back of a length on the pads and Kusal goes for the pull but misses.

Pushed through on the stumps this time and Dhananjaya just opts to defend this.

Short and and Dhananjaya waits for this nicely! Plays it late and cuts it past short third man.

Dropped! This is another misjudged sweep. Dhananjaya tries to drag this from outside off over mid-on but gets a top edge. It’s in the air for a while and Shiraz runs after it, it’s dropping over his shoulder and he fumbles it. It’s not the easiest of chances, but you gotta take those.

Length on the pads and knocked away on the onside.

Poor ball and cut away! This is short and wide and angling away from the left-hander, Perera has little trouble cutting this away between point and cover.

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