Colombo Stars v Jaffna Kings 53 *

full-toss on off, and bowled from wide of the crease. He loses his bottom hand while trying to push that to midwicket

slower ball, and much fuller on off. Tapped toward extra cover, and they set off for a quick run

fuller length, but on middle and leg, and four to fine leg now. The ball comes into him off a good length, as he tries to tickle from across off. The ball takes his front pad and runs down for leg-byes

backs away, and upper cuts that to third man! Short ball pitching outside leg and angling away with very good bounce, but Tharanga presents the full face of the bat to ramp that over the keeper and short third man

short delivery on middle, and he swivels while pulling that to the man at deep square leg. He was almost across off while playing that

pretty full on middle, and he makes room to drag that to the man at midwicket

again runs that full ball outside off down to wide-ish third man

tickles that between the keeper and the man at short third man. Scrambled seam ball on a good length on middle and off, and angles away, as he opens the bat face late to dab that in the gap. Expensive over for Stars so far

appeal for leg before, but that would have been very high. But wait, Mathews has reviewed. It is a fair delivery, and pitches on a slightly short of a length on middle. There is a hint of movement into him as TKC tries to clip from across off but misses. The ball hits him on his front pad above the knee, and guess what, there is an inside edge there as confirmed by replays. Not out it stays, and Stars lose a review. They had run just in time though

over mid-off this time! Rampaul continues bowling a slower ball, and this is full and just outside off. TKC simply lofts his arms to lift that to the long-off fence

crashes that into the deep square leg stands! Change of pace again outside off, and short of a length too. The ball angles into him, as Kohler-Cadmore is in a great position to pull that

slower ball at 119kph, and full on leg. Swung away to short fine leg. No run there, and his slow start continues

pulled to deep square leg, but not quite well timed. Short of a length ball outside off, and he plays to the fielder in the deep and on the bounce

good bounce. Short of a length ball outside off, and Tharanga climbs on to it to nudge that to the on side, just about to the left of the bowler, who runs across to try and cut that off

dabs that back of a length ball on middle to point. He almost has to sway away to play at that since he is cramped for room because of the angle

slower ball. Pretty full and straight on middle, and pushed down to long-on after waiting for the ball to come

chipped to the man at cover, but safe. Pretty full and outside off, and he drives aerially at that

another wide. This is pretty full on leg, and continues to angle down, as Perera goes low to his left to collect the ball

runs that full delivery outside off down to third man. He opens the bat face to play late there

bowls very full and wide of off, and from wide of the crease. Tharanga tries to slash at that away from his body, but can’t get bat on ball. Wide called

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