Dambulla Giants 26/3 * v Kandy Warriors

Length on the stumps again and this is clipped to midwicket.

Length and straighter and Shanaka offers a textbook forward defence.

Length ball, keeps low and skids through. Defended on the leg side.

Nearly another inside edge! Goes for the sweep here, and just misses leg stump to go towards fine leg.

Too wide. Spinning away on off.

Driven to long-off

Full outside off and driven to deep extra cover.

Back of a length and defended back to the bowler.

Full again outside off, and driven off the inside half of the bat to mid-on.

And Binura strikes again! It’s another full delivery that’s done the trick for him here and Dickwella has to go. Not quite a yorker this time and it’s on a 5th stump line. Dickwella goes for the drive but gets a thick inside edge onto the stumps.

Dickwella waits for this one though, and just times it cleanly past the man at point.

Swing and a miss. This is on a length and quicker outside off, and the batter looks to launch this over mid-on but plays outside the line.

Back of a length, pace-off outside off. Driven to short extra cover.

What a catch by the skipper! This one is slightly fuller, and the line too is straighter angling into the stumps. It draws the batter into a forward defence, and the spins away sharply, taking the edge through to slip. But that’s just half the job as this is play with soft hands and is dying to the right of Angelo Perera, but he dives low to his right and holds on to a stunner!

Outside off and cut to point this time.

Length ball again, spins and bounces outside off. Dabbed to backward point.

Length ball, goes on with the arm. Comes forward and pushes this back to the bowler.

Back of a length, goes on with the arm towards off. Dickwella rocks back and move towards off, and pulls this away behind square.

Swept over midwicket! This is spinning into him on a length and Dickwella gets a good connection on this.

And third time’s the charm! Nails the yorker again, but this doesn’t swing and it pitches just outside off, angling away. Salt stays in the crease, and looks to get low and drive this away, but he can only get an inside edge onto the stumps.

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