Galle Gladiators 48/3 * v Kandy Warriors

Length on the stumps and knocked away on the offside.

And it’s a ripper first up! Pitches outside leg and spins past the outside edge of the batter, to hit the thigh pad.

left-arm over now to Mendis. Back of a length and Mendis goes for the pull through midwicket, settles for a single.

Right arm over to Rajapaksa. It’s full on the stumps and knocked towards midwicket.

Tossed up and dragged to midwicket on the full.

Length ball on the stumps, worked away behind square on the leg side.

Straight to the fielder at deep midwicket! It’s back of a length and sits up nicely, but the slowness of the surface again impacts Dunks timing and he can only hit this straight to Vimukthi in the deep, who takes a good catch running in.

Length on the stumps, pushed away on the offside.

But he times this perfectly! Length ball outside off, it holds up again but Dunk is waiting. And he lashes this past the man at short cover.

Back of a length, again it’s the slower one and Dunk can only find the man at short midwicket.

length ball outside off. Holds up a bit on the surface and Dunk can’t get this away.

Back of a length on off stump, pulled away towards midwicket. It’s in the air but away from the man in the deep.

Full and on leg, and the batter will be disappointed with that. He can’t beat the man at short fine leg.

Full and driven to long-on.

Darted in on leg stump, and Mendis goes for the sweep. Just about gets something on it and it’s through the keepers legs for a couple.

Left-arm over on a length, but this sits up nicely and Mendis cuts this uppishly in the gap square on the offside.

Right-arm around the wicket to the left-handed Dunk. Full and driven to deep extra cover.

Tossed up again, and Mendis drives this to long-off on the full.

Fuller and tossed up this, but Mendis does well to sweep this into the vacant backward square leg area.

It’s left arm over to the right-handed Mendis. On a length, pushed away on the leg side.

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