Galle Gladiators v Jaffna Kings 32 *

Slower ball outside off, and it’s full. Pushed to cover.

That’s the cutter, back of a length on the stumps. Gurbaz knocks this towards mid-on.

Back of a length outside off, cut hard. But finds the man at point.

Picked up over long-on! Takes this ball from a length outside off, on the up and hits through the line. He connects so cleanly with this.

Sliced over cover! This is far too wide, and far too full. Gurbaz obliges with swipe over cover.

Short and wide of off, Avishka attempts to drag this onto the leg side but finds mid-on.

Full, quick and straight. Gurbaz goes for the drive and gets a thick inside edge down to fine leg.

Full and straight and it’s outta here! He’s picked the slower one and just picked this up high over long-on.

back of a length, pace-off this time and wide again. Cut away wide of point. Man dives and gets a hand to it to stop the boundary.

Length and outside off, cut off the front foot but straight to backward point.

Short, wide and it’s a thick edge over slip! Just hangs his bat there.

Misfield at point! This is short and wide and cut hard and low, and it goes straight through to hands of the man point.

Outside edge, straight to slip! But was that a bounce ball? This was very full, almost a full toss, and it looks to take the edge. Yes, it’s a bump ball. Gurbaz gets an under edge on this very full delivery, that bounces on the way to slip.

back of a length just outside off. Defended on to the offside.

Bounces up of a length outside off, Avishka hangs the bat and tries to withdraw late. Takes a under edge wide of the slip cordon down to third man.

Sweetly timed down the ground! Full and bit of in swing, but crisply driven down the ground.

full and wide, Avishka goes for a tentative drive and misses.

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