Jaffna Kings v Kandy Warriors 47/1 *

Same line but fuller, and it’s nudged to that man at point again, but this time they scurry through for a single.

Shorter and cut to the man at point.

Length ball again and Asalanka pushes a forward defence at this. The ball holds up in the surface and it lobs up a little to the left of the bowler, but they steal a single.

Length ball on the stops, knocked around the corner on the onside.

Flighted well outside off, and Asalanka smacks this through the covers. It’s a bit uppish but safe, and bits the man running around in the deep.

Length outside off and pushed in front of wicket on the offside.

Back of a length and this keeps a bit low. But Asalanka is equal to it and works this to the midwicket region.

Tossed up this time, and driven back straight.

Length ball, drifting in towards the stumps. Defended on the front foot.

Asalanka goes for the sweep now, but it’s too far outside off and he misses this.

Back of length on the stumps, and Asalanka catches this well. Cut square on the offside but stopped well by the man at point.

Back of length on the stumps, and pushed towards mid-on.

Full and driven through the covers.

And Malik’s done it! This is darted in on a yorker length outside Shehzad’s leg stump, but it’s somehow bowled him around the legs. A disbelieving Shehzad holds his ground and the umpires review this, but the replays confirm the unhappy truth – Shehzad has been bowled around his legs.

That’s a full toss and Asalanka has missed out. Flicks this towards midwicket.

Full on the stumps, and whipped to the midwicket region.

Fuller this time and Asalanka is happy to sweep. Drags this to midwicket from outside off.

Back of length, and it holds up a bit on the surface. Asalanka stays back and pushes this on the offside.

Back of a length, angling away and punched to the offside.

Shorter and on off stump, Asalanka pulls this over the infield in front of square.

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