Pakistan v West Indies 36 *

short of length outside off, punched past the point fielder for a couple

four more! That makes it 19 from the over. Wasn’t a great delivery from Nawaz. Short and wide, and King slashes it between point and short third man.

didn’t middle it but he will get four nonetheless. Fuller, following the batter who was moving away to the leg side. Looks to go over extra cover but ends up slicing it much squarer. It bounces over the cover fielder and dribbles over the boundary line

fuller length around off, no turn there for Nawaz as the ball skids on after pitching. King goes down on one knee and slog sweeps it over deep midwicket

fuller on the stumps, didn’t middle the sweep but well get a single to short fine leg

drilled between the bowler and mid-on. A seam-up delivery, on a length on the stumps. Brooks stands tall and smashes it down the ground

fuller around off, comes forward to defend but the ball drifts in and hits the inner half of the bat. King wanted a single as the ball rolled towards square leg but the fielder was quick to the ball

straighter this time from Hasnain. King creates a little bit of room and pulls it to the right of mid-on

length ball in the channel. Kings backs away so much that he had to really reach out for it. Attempts the cut but cannot connect

fuller on the pads, goes for the pick-up shot but fails to connect. Gets rapped on the pads but was heading down. No appeal there

length ball outside off, stays back and opens the face of the bat to guide it towards third man

short of length at the body, stays back and tucks it away in front of square leg

starts with a short of a length ball around off, King gets on his toes and dabs it towards cover-point

length ball outside off, goes back and works it to the right of mid-on

down the track but Nawaz has bowled this shorter. Punched back

much better shot this time. Backs away again, Nawaz tries to follow him but King waits for it and cuts it through covers

off the mark with a boundary! Wasn’t in full control but got enough bat on it to clear mid-off. King backed away early, Nawaz bowled this one slower through the air, which meant King had to reach out for it. He had one hand off the bat when he made contact

shorter and quicker outside off, steered towards short third man

fuller on the stumps, driven back towards the bowler. Nawaz makes a half-stop and deflects this towards extra cover

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