South Africa v India 16 *

full on off, nicely forward to defend to cover

length ball on off, squirted to point

Olivier thinks he’s got his man as there was a noise when the ball passed bat on the way to keeper. But no review taken. It was bat flicking the back pad’s flap. Good length ball moving away from off, and luckily for Rahul it just missed the outside edge instead of nicking it

back of a length on off stump, punched towards mid-on from the back foot

full and sliding on the pads, uses wrists to twirl it to deep square leg

full but well clear of offstump and left alone

very full but well outside off and left alone

fuller on off, comes on the front foot and pats it towards mid-on

beauty. Back of a length angled in on off and straightens past the outside edge as Rahul looks to defend

dug in short, but it is sliding down leg and hasn’t bounced that much too. Rahul was ducking anyway

full on off again, pushing defensively at it, goes off the inside half of the bat to fine leg

fuller, homing in on off stump, defended from the crease by getting right behind the ball

length ball in the channel and moving away, he shoulders arms

full outside off, he unfurls a nice-looking drive but can’t beat point

length on off, defended into the offside

that one slipped out and it’s a full toss above waist height, so it’s a no-ball. Rahul a bit surprised by that but manages to pat it back down the pitch

he’s certainly threatening the outside edge with these incoming deliveries, but Rahul very sure of the movement and of where off-stump is, holds his forward defensive and lets it go

keeps it on a length and coming in, but it’s well oustide off so Rahul keeps bat tucked beside pad in the forward defensive pose and lets it pass by

good length around off, but the bounce is true, so he can leave it be

hard length on a fifth stump line angling in, but left alone safely enough

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