West Indies Under-19s v Australia Under-19s

Here come the players for their respective National Anthems.

It is World Cup time! Hello and welcome to the live ball by ball coverage of the future stars World Cup. The host nation West Indies takes on Australia in one of the two games today.

Toss: West Indies Under-19s won the toss and they have elected to bat first.

Pitch: Hard track and little bit of grass, will be good for batting.

Teams for today:

West Under-19s XI: S Parris, M Nandu, T Bishop, R Clarke, A Auguste, G Depeiza, A Mahase, J Layne, M Clarke, S Sankar and O Amory

Australia Under-19s XI: T Wyllie, C Miller, I Higgins, C Connolly, Radhakrishnan, C Kellaway, A Cahill, T Snell, Salzmann, T Whitney and H Bajwa

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