HCltech hiring now for tech roles in India:

HCL Technologies, a prominent global technology company, is actively seeking talented individuals to join their workforce in various technical roles in 2023. With a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and fostering innovation, HCLTech is inviting qualified candidates to apply for positions that cater to a range of expertise and experience levels.


Location: Bangalore
Qualification: B-Tech

The role of a Lead Engineer at HCLTech involves developing and delivering codes for assigned tasks in alignment with time, quality, and cost standards. Key responsibilities include enhancing documentation for CMMi and client requirements, providing client support, and offering technical guidance to junior developers.


location: Hyderabad
Qualification: B Tech

The position of a Technical Manager at HCLTech holds a strategic significance. The responsibilities include preparing and submitting status reports to minimize project exposure and risks, creating and monitoring work plans, and guiding team members to enhance their technical capabilities and productivity. Moreover, ensuring process improvement and compliance with mechanics and other some Skills.


Location: Chennai
Qualification: B-Tech

The Senior Technical Lead role focuses on embedded C and storage-related skills, particularly in storage and FC domains. Responsibilities include providing technical guidance and solutions, team development, process compliance, and active involvement in technical discussions and reviews..

These positions represent just a few of the available vacancies at HCL Technologies. For more information you go on the official websites and if you able to this vacancies you can apply here ….

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