This Awesome feature coming in iPhone, fans said Apple has done wonders

Apple iPhone XR

Apple tries to do something new and unique in every new iPhone. Recently, Apple has filed a new patent application, according to which the company is working on a smartphone design in which the screen will be rollable. The screen of this expandable phone design will be able to turn towards the bottom with the help of a roller. Let’s know everything about it.

Apple’s iPhone will have a rollable screen
According to BGR, Apple recently launched the U.S. A patent has been filed with the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) named “Electronic Devices Having Sliding Expandable Displays”. It has been written in this patent that some part of the flexible display of this phone can go into the phone casing when it is in the expandable state. From this it can be guessed that in the coming time a rollable screen can come in any phone of Apple.

These brands can also bring rollable screens
Let us tell you that Apple is not the first company that is thinking of bringing the feature of rollable screen in its smartphone. In today’s time, there are many such smartphone maker companies who are adopting this technology. Samsung took a patent for this in 2019, in which motorized rolling technology was talked about. Xiaomi has also got such a patent some time back.

Not only this, Oppo has also made a really such smartphone, Oppo X 2021, whose screen can be expanded by the user according to their needs, with the help of a motorized rolling technology.

Apple has definitely filed a patent, but according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, if Apple brings a rollable screen to the iPhone, it will not happen before 2024. Also, many times it happens that Apple takes a patent but it is not necessary that they work on it.

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