Top 5 business ideas under 5000, start on low investment:

Many individuals want to start something of their own, but they lack the most important thing, i.e., money. Money is a very important factor that is very essential to run a successful business.
However, there are some business ideas that you can begin with as low as Rs 5,000. For those who want to start their own business with the least capital, here are some business ideas that they may be interested in.

1.Eco-friendly newspaper bags:

The government is banning dealing with single-use plastic, hence businesses are looking for better ways to deal with eco-friendly options, such as cloth and paper bags. Consequently, the demand for plastic alternatives is growing significantly. In such a period, one can start one small-scale venture producing sturdy newspaper bags and selling them to stores or directly to customers. You can start developing eco-friendly products to start your first customers.

2.Ironing service:

Another small-scale business to start with Rs 5,000 is the Ironing service. Nowadays, people have less time to do their laundry at home hence they need someone who can iron their clothes, consequently, the demand of having an ironing service provider can be a great help. Hence, starting an ironing service can be a great idea as you can begin this service with just Rs 5,000. All you need to do is to buy a sturdy iron.


Another flourishing profitable business idea that doesn’t require huge investment is blogging. Blogging is one of the highly emerging businesses nowadays where you just need to create content for your website and the more audience you attract to your website, the more money you make through advertising. You can earn a huge sum of money through blogging without investing a huge sum of money in it.

4.Tutor Service:

If you have expertise in any subject, you can turn your expertise into a profitable business without investing any massive sum. You can teach students about the subject you are good at. You can start coaching centres or you can also teach online, and in both cases, you don’t need huge.

5.Freelance copywriter and editor:

The service industry is growing, and if you have mastered the art of writing you can sell your service as a freelance copywriter or editor. To grow in this field, all you need is an internet connection, a laptop or computer and other skills to help your companies, marketers, media or advertising houses with your creative editing or writing skills. You can do it on your own and with your effort or hard work, you can make a huge money out of it with an investment as low as Rs 5,000.

And at last these 5 ideas you make money’s..And I think freelancing is the mos skilled job..and if u do freelancing u can apply plateform like freelancing and others many plateform where u can earn money’s easily…..


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