UP village student turns down Rs 32 lakh job offer, Google offers Rs 56 lakh:

While the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) produce some of the highest-paid graduates in India, Aradhya Tripathi, a resident of Gothwa village of Maghar area in Uttar Pradesh, educated at the Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology (MMMUT), is rewriting the narrative.

She has bagged a massive package worth Rs 52 lakh from Google which stands as the highest ever offered to an MMMUT alumnus.


Born to an advocate father and a homemaker mother, Aradhya displayed brilliance in academics from an early age. After completing her secondary education at St. Joseph’s School, she enrolled in MMMUT to pursue a BTech in computer engineering.

She has since made her mark, not just on the university, but on the tech industry as a whole, landing a highly coveted role as a software development engineer at Google.


In 2023, Aradhya worked as a software engineer at Scaler. Her stint at the company was successful, so much so that upon completion of her internship, Scaler offered her a package of Rs 32 lakh an impressive figure, yet one that was soon to be overshadowed by the whopping offer from Google.Through her roles and internships, Aradhya has amassed extensive experience in handling scalable products and live production traffic while working in competitive environments.

She detailed her skills on LinkedIn stating, “I have a firm hold and experience with several tech stacks like React.JS, React Redux, Next js Typescript, Node Js, MongoDb, ExpressJS and SCSS […]. I have a keen interest in Data Structures and Algorithms and has solved about 1000+ questions on various coding platforms and have a good rating on them.”

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