Mother Murdered on the Pretext of Corona, Stayed with the corpse for 2 months

Mother Murdered on the Pretext of Corona, Stayed with the corpse for 2 months (symbolic photo)

Everyone will be surprised to know what Kaliyugi’s son did to his mother. Dale Morgan, who lives in Pembroke Dock Town, UK, brutally beat his mother to death with a hammer in the bedroom itself. After this, he remained with his mother’s body in the house for two months.

Message on mother’s mobile even after murder
When Dale Morgan was asked by neighbors where his mother was, he said that he is in isolation due to Kovid. He even used to send messages on his mother’s number to keep people confused. When Morgan’s mother Judith Rhead was not seen for a long time, some people informed the police. After this, on February 20, the police team reached Morgan’s house. A small window of the bedroom was open during the search. When the officers removed the window curtain, they were surprised.

so many wounds in the head
There was blood inside the room and a dead body was visible near the bed. When the police recovered the body, Judith Rahid tied a plastic bag on her head. The postmortem report revealed that he had fractures all around his head. There were 14 wounds in the skull. In a rigorous police interrogation, Morgan admitted that he had hit his mother on the head several times with a hammer and took her life. After this, to hide his crime, he stayed at home along with the corpse.

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Hammered 14 times
According to the report of The Sun, during police interrogation, the accused told that he was intoxicated and used to steal money from the house to fulfill it. He made 11 transfers to his mother’s bank accounts. When the mother started opposing his antics, he attacked her 14 times with a hammer and took her life. The court has sentenced Morgan, the murderer of the mother, to life imprisonment.

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