How to start a side business? 2 side business ideas to make money….

Side income is not only important nowadays, it has become a need. Inflation is soaring at a very rapid pace, and meeting day-to-day expenses has become a challenging task.

#1 through freelancing:

you are good at any skills you can give freelancing services to those who need it. Your freelancing service could be of any type, like writing, editing, website designing or development or any other service which you are good at. You can decide the price of your work as you want, like if you want to charge per hour, you can do that or if you want to charge per hour, you are free to do that as welland you can earn money 💰.

#2 clothing business:

The clothing industry is a flourishing business and spends e-commerce every year. Get a slice of that spend by using a print-on-demand model. You don’t need to invest a huge sum in this business. When you receive an order through the online store, print-on-demand supplier and deliver the product to the customers. You don’t need to hold inventory for yourself.

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