Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl in Hindi

The story of Sweet Girl begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Amanda Cooper falls ill with cancer. Her husband, Ray, learns that a potentially life-saving drug for Amanda was taken off the market due to a new business move from Bioprime CEO Simon Keely. Seeing Kelly at a live debate with Congresswoman Diana Morgan, Ray calls and threatens Kelly that if he does not reverse it, he will kill her. Keely doesn’t take the threat seriously and Amanda soon passes away. Ray and his daughter destroy Rachel. Six months later, Ray receives a call from a reporter, Martin Bennett, who tells him that he can help Amanda get justice. They meet on a subway, inadvertently being chased by Rachel and a hitman named Santos. Bennett explains that Bioprime is bribing anyone who questions their dirty deeds, including the company that made Amanda the drug she needed to save her life. Santos kills Bennett and attacks Ray and Rachel. As the train stops at a station, Santos stabs Rey and kicks Rachel out, leaving the two of them on the platform and away from the train.

Two years later, Ray himself is investigating Keely. He breaks into a gala honoring Keely and interrogates her about the hits and bribes on Bennett. As Keely tells him that it was President Vinod Shah who signs off on all the hits, one of Keely’s bodyguards attacks Ray and Ray accidentally kills him and Keely. Ray takes Rachel and they hide in a motel outside the city. Concerned about Ray’s revenge attempt, Rachel contacts FBI agent Sarah Meeker and tries to persuade her to join Bioprime. The next morning, two mercenaries break into the motel and Ray kills them both, causing further tension between him and Rachel.

Ray plans to leave Shah and Rachel convinces him to take him along. They trap Shah’s car and Ray tries to interrogate him, but he is killed by Santos who was following Shah. The three meet at dinner and Ray asks Santos to name his employer Diana Morgan, with the promise that they will meet again in Pittsburgh. Upon arriving however, they are spotted by the FBI who follow Ray to the roof of the baseball stadium. As Meeker tries to talk to her, it is revealed that Ray is actually Rachel, Ray having died from his wounds at the station two years earlier. She jumps into the river, and is still arrested by Meeker, but she crashes the ambulance and runs away.

Determined to find justice for her family, Rachel breaks into Morgan’s office and confronts Santos again, eventually killing him. She confronts Morgan and admits that she was bribed by Bioprime and ordered a hit on Bennett. Rachel sends the tapes to Meeker and lands on a plane to an unknown future, knowing that her mom and dad are always with her.

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