Did You Know 15 facts about Iron Man?

Number - 1 “Iron Man”  is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Movie

Number - 2 An “Iron Man” movie had been bandied about for years. Marvel decided to make this its first self-financed movie.

Number - 3 Jon Favreau wanted to make a spy film, Favreau was given the job of directing 'Iron Man'. He didn't want to make "Iron Man" a period piece.

Number - 4 Favreau wasn’t thinking about a star when the movie was greenlit. Favreau planned to cast a newcomer as Stark/Iron Man, saying that Iron Man is the star of the film, not the actor who plays him.

Number - 5 Robert Downey Jr. was an unexpected choice. He saw the flaws in Downey and wanted to cast him as a result.

Number - 6 The studio still wasn’t sure about Downey, though. Downey only made $500,000 for “Iron Man.” Don’t worry, he’d make plenty later on.

Number - 7 Two actors considered for the movie showed up later. One of the only other names Favreau considered for Tony Stark was Sam Rockwell. Rockwell  played Justin Hammer in “Iron Man 2.”

Number - 8 Favreau gave himself a small role. The role of Stark’s chauffeur “Happy” Hogan is not a big or important one. “Happy” Hogan has appeared in six Marvel movies, with a seventh “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Number - 9 A special effects guru worked on the film, When it comes to special effects and makeup, few names are on par with Stan Winston. he’s been nominated for 10 Oscars, and he’s won four of them.

Number - 10 The movie was shot on the West Coast with intent. A lot of the action in “Iron Man” was shot in and around Los Angeles.

Number - 11 There was a lot of improvisation, All the action and big storyline points of “Iron Man” were fleshed out before they started shooting the movie. Jeff Bridges described the movie as a “$200 million student film.”

Number - 12 Nick Fury shows up to try and convince Iron Man to join the Avengers Initiative. This scene was shot with a skeleton crew to try and avoid anybody finding out about it.

Number - 13 It was only fair that Samuel L. Jackson got cast as Fury. Jackson stepped into the role of Nick Fury beginning with “Iron Man,” a role he’s played like 50 times now, give or take.

Number - 14 The film was a huge box-office success. it topped the North American box office in its first two weeks and ended up making $585.8 million worldwide.

Number - 15 Favreau directed one sequel but not the other. Due to the success of “Iron Man,” the gang came back for “Iron Man 2.”