A Five-year-old child in Britain became the first person to take ‘Miracle Drug’, a dose costing more than 18 crores

London: In Britain, a child is suffering from such a rare disease, whose heartbeat can stop as soon as the cost of treatment is heard. However, due to government efforts, the child’s treatment has been started and it is expected that he will recover soon. Five-month-old Arthur Morgan is experiencing Spinal Muscular Atrophy-SMA, which can usually cause paralysis and death within two years. For its treatment, Morgan has been given such an injection, the price of which is not for everyone to pay.

That’s why Miracle Drug
According to the report of ‘The Sun’, Arthur Morgan was injected with a ‘miracle drug’ last week. Its single dose is worth 1.79 million pounds (about 18.5 million rupees). No one has been given this injection before in the UK. It is called miraculous because only one dose of it is enough to save lives.

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Zolgensm’s New Gene Therapy
For the treatment of the child, the National Health Authority (NHA) signed a historic agreement with the company that makes Zolgensma, after which the child was given a life-saving drug. Zolgensm is a new gene therapy, which is injected into the patient’s body. Let me tell you that Swiss firm Novartis makes Zolgensm, it is the world’s most expensive drug.

Hope to get well soon
Rees Morgan, father of Arthur Morgan, said, “When we found out about the child’s illness, we were completely devastated. He went on to say, “Arthur has become the first person in Britain to have been given this treatment.” We are thankful to the NHS, because of which this has been possible. Hope he will be completely fine soon.

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Doctors say that one dose of Zolgensma is sufficient to prevent SMA, and gives the child the potential to sit, walk. It contains a copy of the missing gene SMN1. However, there is a debate about its price. Because it is not possible for everyone to raise so much money. But the company feels that the price is reasonable.

The company gave this argument
Justifying the price of Zolgensma, Novartis said that a single dose is more effective than a long-lasting treatment. At the same time, experts say that Zolgensma is a miracle drug and if it is used soon, the patient’s life can be saved. According to the report, about 65 babies are born with SMA in England every year. It causes muscle weakness, loss of speed, and difficulty in breathing.

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