Britain: Mother (Rebecca) had fainted after falling from the stairs, yet children did not panic, saved their lives by showing understanding

Rebecca with her children (Photo: Mirror)

London: Due to the understanding and understanding of two children resident of Britain, their mother’s life was saved. Seeing the mother (Rebecca) in an unconscious state, the children handled the situation without panic and with the help of the police took her to the hospital. The intelligence and bravery of these children is being praised everywhere. Rebecca Holford, a resident of Staffordshire, fell unconscious while descending the stairs, when she opened her eyes, she found herself in the hospital.

Children did not panic
According to the news published in ‘Mirror’, Rebecca Holford fell unconscious while descending the stairs of her house. His seven-year-old daughter Neve and five-year-old son Billy were present at home when the incident happened. The children did not panic even after seeing their mother in this condition. He immediately called 911 showing understanding and asked for help.

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Ambulance chief praised
The Chief of Ambulance Service appreciated the bravery and understanding of the children and said that if they did not seek help at the right time, something bad could have happened. After the accident, daughter Nev first searched Rebecca’s phone and immediately called 911. Meanwhile, Billy covered the mother with a blanket so that she would not catch a cold. He kept on saying that my mother has died.

Neve remembered Home address
The special thing was that seven-year-old Nev remembered the full address of the house, due to which the ambulance had no problem in reaching there. Not only this, she was also continuously giving information about her mother to the operator. Rebecca Holford told that on Thursday she suddenly fell unconscious from the stairs, after that when her eyes opened, she found herself in the hospital. Rebecca said that she is proud of her children.

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Rebecca is diabetic and has had four back operations in the past two years. She said, ‘I used to always explain to the children what to do in times of emergency. Nev listened to everything I said carefully and that’s probably why she immediately called for help without panic’. Rebecca further said that thank God that the children were at home at that time, if they were not there, I do not know how long I would have been lying like this. He said that all parents should prepare their children for emergencies.

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