Cricket Club came to the aid of stranded Indian Researchers in Israel, students were in search of safe haven

The war continues in Israel and Palestine. Both are targeting each other
The war continues in Israel and Palestine. Both are targeting each other

Tel Aviv: A cricket club has come forward to help the Indians stranded in Israel. Located in the city of Beersheba, southern Israel, the club has provided safe havens to many Indian researchers at Ben-Gurion University. All these students have been wandering here and there in search of shelter since the Palestine attacks continued for the last week. Let us know that there is a conflict going on in Israel and Palestine and so far many people have died in this bloody game.

‘Like the Indian Students Family’
The building of the Beersheba Cricket Club near the University has been opened to the local residents in view of the frequent rocket attacks. Here Indian researchers have also been given shelter. The president of the club Naor Gudker said that some Indians also play for the cricket club and they are like members of our family.
Club doing all possible help

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Gadkari further said that everyone is welcome in the club, whoever needs safe shelter can come here. He said that many Indian researchers are living with us, including both boys and girls. We are trying to provide all possible help to them. Some of them are not fully aware of the security rules, so we have told them about all the precautions to be taken to be safe.

Indians told how
According to the club president, the asylum researchers include Viraj Bhingardive, Hina Khand, Shashank Shekhar, Rudraku Sengupta and Bishnu Khand. These students told the news agency PTI that we can rest here knowing that we are safe. Not a single night has been peaceful here since last Monday. At the same time, University student Ankit Chauhan said that the club has not only made Indian students feel safe, but also tries to take care of their every need,

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Entertainment is also taken care of

Ankit Chauhan told that breakfast, tea, and coffee are being given to everyone in the club. In addition, they can use gym and recreation resources. This can help them to divert attention from the current situation of the crisis. Significantly, there are frequent rocket attacks from Israel and Palestine. Israel’s military has demolished 15 kilometers of tunnels built by extremists and houses of nine Hamas commanders.

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