Firing in America is Not Racial Violence, Sikh Community Demands Investigation

Firing in America
Firing in America

Washington: US influential lawmakers and Sikh community members have demanded an investigation into the firing in Indianapolis in the sense that the incident was not racial violence. Eight people were killed in the indiscriminate firing on the premises of FedEx Company. Four of them belonged to the Sikh community. Indian-American MP Raja Krishnamurthy said that the incident on Thursday night should also be investigated in the sense that anti-Sikh sentiment was not working behind the violence.

He said, people of Indianapolis and Sikh community are mourning at this time. The whole country is involved in this weeds. Investigators must make sure that the sense of hatred behind the attack was not working. He said that this incident happened at a time when violence against Asians has increased in the country. This is the latest example of how violence has engulfed our country. He said that in the last five years there has been an increase in violent incidents against various American communities.

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Eight Gurdwaras in Indianapolis have also issued a joint statement regarding this firing. It states that we do not know anything about the motive of the attacker. We will never know why he did it? However we do know that the FedEx company he targeted is known for his workforce. The famous leader of the Sikh community, Gururdar Singh Khalsa, announced the formation of a committee that would consider the circumstances and deficiencies that led to the incident. The victims of violence at the FedEx campus include Amarjeet Kaur Johal, Jaswinder Kaur, Amarjeet Sekhon and Jaswinder Singh. There are three women among them.

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The Attacker Bought Two Guns Last Year

Brandon Scott Hole, a former employee of the company who killed eight people by attacking the FedEx campus, bought two guns legally last year. Officials with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said investigators have found that the attacker purchased the guns in July and September of last year. However, citing the investigation, he did not reveal where the guns were purchased but did say that he used both guns in the attack. A senior police officer, Craig McCart, said Hole suddenly opened fire in the parking lot of the company premises, killing four people. After this, four more people entered the building and killed them. Then he shot himself.

The Attacker’s Family Apologized to the Deceased’s Kinsmen

The family of the shooter, who killed eight people, including four American citizens of Indian origin, has apologized to the kith and kin of those killed, saying they have been ruined by the acts of their son. The attacker’s family issued a statement to the deceased’s relatives and the Indianapolis community. The statement said, “We sincerely apologize to the victims of this tragic incident.” We apologize to the family and the entire Indianapolis community for their grief.

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