Indonesia’s Missing Submarine found deep near Bali, Extremely unlikely for any naval to Survive


Indonesia’s missing submarine has been detected. She is found in the depths of the sea, near the island of Bali. The condition of the wreckage of the submarine does not suggest that any of the 53 marines within it would have survived. This information was given by the Navy of Indonesia. President Joko Widodo has asked the countrymen to pray for the safe return of the navies.

Indonesia’s Army Chief Hadi Jahjanto said the submarine was searched, with KRI Nangla 402 as evidence of the oil spilling on the sea surface near where it went missing. Submarine debris has been detected in the depths of the sea at a short distance. The debris of the submarine has been found about 500 meters below sea level while the submarine had a maximum depth of 200 meters.

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Substantial evidence of the submarine being severely damaged due to water pressure at greater depths has been found. As a result, the chances of survival of any of the 53 naval men present in it are very low. The submarine went missing during practice on Wednesday morning. Yudo Margano, the head of the Indonesian navy, told a press conference in Bali that if the submarine had exploded it would have broken into pieces. Also the sound of the explosion will be recorded in sonar.

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The reasons for the sinking of the submarine are not yet known. In its initial statement, the Navy had feared that the submarine’s power system had been disrupted, due to which it could not succeed in coming underwater. The crew of the submarine did not get time to work on the steps to be taken in an emergency before the accident occurred. Maragano has reported that rescue teams from Indonesia and several other countries are engaged in trying to reach the wreckage of the submarine. The body of any naval has not yet been found.

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Till Saturday morning, the submarine was carrying oxygen supply, so the search is being done to consider the soldiers alive. The US P-8 Poseidon aircraft also joined the search and rescue operations on Saturday. He has joined the expedition with 20 Indonesian ships, an Australian warship with a sonar facility, and four Indonesian aircraft. The expedition will include ships from Singapore on Saturday night and ships from Malaysia on Sunday. The ship of India will also join the expedition on Sunday or Monday.

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