Mysterious Airbase being prepared on Yemen’s Mayun Island, UAE revealed in satellite photos

Mysterious Airbase being prepared on Yemen's Mayun Island, UAE revealed in satellite photos
Mysterious Airbase being prepared on Yemen’s Mayun Island, UAE revealed in satellite photos (AFP)

Washington: Photos of the mysterious airbase have been revealed on an island in Yemen. The most surprising thing is that the island on which the airbase is being built, there is a big volcano. The name of this island is Mayun Island. Although it is also known as Perim Island. So far no country has claimed the airbase, but it is believed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may be behind it.

Most important check point
According to ‘The Guardian’ report, this island located in Bab El-Mandeb Strait is 5.63 kilometers long. The runway of the airbase being built here is so large that even cargo planes or civil aircraft can easily land. Yemen’s government claims that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is behind this construction. Explain that this island is an important check point in the world from the perspective of energy shipment and commercial cargo. In such a situation, the construction of the stealth airbase here is very shocking.

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Weapons transported to the island
Yemen officials say the UAE is behind this construction. In 2019, the UAE announced that it would withdraw its troops from a Saudi-led military operation battling Yemen’s Houthi Rebels. There are also reports that the UAE has recently brought troops and weapons here. However, no statement has been made on this from the UAE.

Yemen War is not the only reason
According to Jeremy Binnie, the Middle East editor of open source intelligence company Janes, this airbase is part of a long-term strategy, so that a permanent presence can be established in the future. Jeremy has been monitoring construction going on Mayun Island for the past several years. He said that it has not only to do with the war of Yemen but also about the ships and sea trade passing through this route.

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This is why Mayun Island is important
According to the report, Emirati officials present in Abu Dhabi and UAE embassy in Washington have refused to say anything about the ongoing construction on the island. Whichever country registers its presence on the island of Mayun, it will be beneficial in many ways. From here, the main areas of Yemen, towards the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and East African countries can be attacked or monitored.

Work almost done
News agency Associated Press (AP) has obtained satellite images from Planet Labs, which shows that the airbase has a runway of about 2 km. This picture is from 11 April 2021 and it is being told that by May 18 this work has almost been completed. Earlier in 2016, I tried to build a 3 km long runway, but it could not be completed. If this runway is 3 kilometers long, then heavy bomber aircraft can also land here.

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