Women get a ‘historic victory’ in Slovenia, becoming the 13th European country to make such a law

Women get a 'historic victory' in Slovenia, becoming the 13th European country to make such a law

Slovenia: Women have won a historic victory in the country of Slovenia. A law has been passed here, which will give great relief to women. Under this law, now making a relationship without consent here will be considered as rape. Before this, rape with a woman was considered a crime only when the woman was threatened, coerced to do so.

13th country to bring such a law
Slovenia has become the 13th country in Europe to grant rape status to a woman’s disagreeable relationship. According to a report published in The Sun, Amnesty International’s director for Europe, Nils Muineks, said, ‘It is a historic victory day for women in Slovenia. It is also an important step towards changing the culture, attitude and behavior. At the same time, it is a victory for the campaign of those suffering women, who decided that no other woman will bear this pain like her. ‘

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These European countries have brought laws
Earlier UK, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden, Germany have done this. In these countries, making a physical relationship without consent is considered rape. At the same time, Spain and the Netherlands are also considering making similar laws. In other European countries, according to the current law, rape is considered only when the accused forces or threatens. Whereas in many cases this is not the case.

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To make such a law, Slovenia gave its approval at the Istanbul Convention in 2015.

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